The Artist What is flag art? Semaphore alphabet

Each Flag is a letter in the semaphore alphabet.

Giving signals on sea is one of the oldest reasons for the use of flags. In 1820 Sir Home Popham introduced flags for the letters of the Roman alphabet, 1889 there was one flag for each letter. The first internationally valid signal code started january, the 1st 1900.
From an art point of view Pellegrino Ritter's recent contribution to the art world in the form of his FLAG ART is the missing link between 1920th abstracts like Malevitch, Jasper John's Pop Art and the word art of the nineties. It became an interactive human art communication when Pellegrino Ritter painted a personal version of a friend's initial, and found himself captivated by the possibilities. Pellegrino started painting FLAG ART pieces on commission.