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boot entry hall north

boot entry hall north

boot Düsseldorf / Beirut

Each year since 1998 FLAG ART is present at the "boot Düsseldorf", since 2001 in the new Hall 7, the "Galeria boot" for maritime art.

Exhibition Concept

boot 2001 installations by
Manfred Wigger and
Pellegrino Ritter

Exhibition Realisation



These finely crafted objects of art are made from extremly precious materials, such as gold, platin and lapislazuli and satisfy some clients desire for highly exclusive collectors´s items.


FLAG ART Foundation
Among other ideas is to create a FLAG ART FOUNDATION that will honor positive actions and works through the proceeds of special edition flags. The German expression "Flagge zeigen" ( to "show flags") means to stand in for something - to "Show Your Colors". This is Pellegrino's vision: to strengthen peoples will to sponsor, to stand in for personally selected "good causes" in culture and society by campaigning the diversity in this field with something clearly recognizable: